Warning: This Eye Condition Is Caused By Something We Do Every Day

Studies show that the green light coming from your phone’s screen will most likely implicate lasting complications to your eyes. The retinal cells can die due to too much exposure to green light. The retinal cells will dry out causing eye cancer and total blindness later on.

A certain man, 40 years old, consulted a doctor claiming he couldn’t clearly see things. His albumen then turned reddish in color, a good indication of a serious injury.


According to the man, he tend to use mobile phones before sleep for 30 minutes. His room is n dim light which is supposed to be the cause of his injury. His act continued for a long time making his macular eye fully degraded, leading to impaired vision. Worst, signs of eye cancer were diagnosed by his doctor.

Replacement of retina is extremely complicated and he will eventually lose his eyesight in no time.

Source : ininfodose

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