Don’t put a baby to bed with a bottle in their mouth unless it is water

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There are several children who are tucked into bed along with a bottle to help them sleep. Although this might seem as comforting to your baby the baby falls asleep with the liquid and the bottle still in the mouth. The liquid from the bottle collects and swims around the teeth the entire time that your baby is asleep.

Howard Farran DDS, MBA posted this reminder for all parents as below.

Please don’t put a baby to bed with a bottle in their mouth unless it is water. Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, or Early Childhood Caries (EEC) is most common in the upper front teeth, but the back teeth can be affected too. It is mostly caused from baby spending too much time with a bottle in their mouth containing any liquid with sugar in it, including milk and juice.


Image Howard Farran DDS, MBA

How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay


According to  idental hub Firstly, do not put your baby to bed with a bottle in their mouth. In fact, after every time that your baby has a bottle of feed take a clean wet cloth and rinse your baby’s mouth along the gums and teeth. This will enable the bacteria to be removed and hence no bacteria accumulation and sugar remaining in your mouth.

In case your baby does not seem to fall asleep without the bottle, then all that you can do is fill the bottle with water and give the baby. Do not even think of giving your baby milk and fruit juices such as apple and grape as they are great harbingers of bacteria.

Lastly, think twice before you give your baby a pacifier. This will allow your baby’s teeth to be caused untold and irreparable damage.

The moment you try everything to keep your baby’s teeth cavity free you make certain that their smiles remain intact for life.

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