Why Chopsticks Have That Bit You Break Off

Chopsticks are a long-time utensils, perhaps older than the spoon, fork, and the knife. It had been used in Asia, but has since branched out to other parts of the world following the popularity of Asian cuisine. It’s not an easy utensil to use.

An Australian woman became an overnight Internet sensation following a life hack that will change the way people use chopsticks forever.

What did she do? She snapped the chunky wooden tab at the end of a pair of disposable chopsticks and used it as a stand to avoid putting the utensils directly on top of the table.

Image : viralthread

The Internet reacted with both shock and amazement. “My whole life has been a lie!” a netizen tweeted.

Since its posting, the woman’s phone has been bombarded with notifications and retweets from amazed social media users. People from around the world even credited her as the brainchild behind the life hack. And to think she only “tweeted a dumb picture.”

Chop stick 2

Several netizens have tried to imitate the life hack, but end up sharing failed attempts on their social media.

H/T viralthread

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