Low-Budget This Valentine’s Day? These DIY Gift Ideas Is Certainly Worth A Try!

It’s the thought that counts. Though flowers and chocolates are common Valentine’s gift, creating something personal for your loved ones will surely touch their hearts. See these top 5 personalized Valentine’s Day presents for your special someone.

  • Memory jar

A memory jar filled with little notes that contains your lovely and bittersweet memories is just priceless! It can never be compared to those luscious sweets and beautiful flowers as a Valentine’s gift. You can also opt for a jar filled with reasons why you love her/him.


  • Personalized love mugs

Inexpensive gift yet totally unique. Just buy a plain mug and paint pens and you’re ready to go! Design your own mug and express your heartfelt message this love month.


  • Write a song

Nothing’s more special than writing a song for your special someone. You can take inspiration from your past and happy memories together.

  • Personalized love coupons

Love coupons have long since taking rounds between couples. This so-called love coupons can be availed by your partner anytime in the future. Coupons named as with movie nights, dinners or just a simple hug will be well appreciated.


  • Cook a special treat

Cook something special for your loved one this Valentine’s day! Either a dessert or their favorite dish, will be a perfect gift because as they say, that the best way to a man’s heart is through its stomach. If you are not a pro cook, you can look for delicious recipes online or through cookbooks.

There are a lot of ways to express your love to someone without spending too much. These Do-It-Yourself gift ideas will certainly create a good impression for your loved one.

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