After “Carrot Man”, Meet The Newest Internet Sensation, “Cabbage Man”

After the viral “carrot man”, here comes another viral pic circulating throughout the web. Meet “Cabbage Man”.

The image of Neil Galuten is making rounds on Facebook after his sister, Amy Galuten Matchok-Pandoyos, uploaded his image on Facebook. He was holding a basket of cabbage just like the famous “Carrot Man”.

The hot looking guy also gained the attention of the public and gained 500 shares with 800 likes just this Friday afternoon, but the number continues to grow.

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The photo was then posted by the Facebook page “Trending News and Viral” on Thursday that later on gained 5,000 shares. One commenter said that, these guys has potential beauty and should be given the same opportunity like the one given to Maine Mendoza, another internet sensation also known as “Yaya Dub”.


The trending photos of “Carrot Man” was shot and posted by Edwina Bandong. The undeniably charming beauty of Jeyrick Sigmaton, also known as “Carrot Man” captured the hearts of the people. He will also be featured on “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho”, this Sunday.


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