The Real Story Behind The Viral Photo of Tortured Boy

In the old times, torture is a way of punishing someone who was caught doing a crime. Criminals are being whipped, hanged or burned alive. But this kind of punishment is still rampant up to these days. Worst, even small children are victimized by this harsh treatment.

This photo of a boy being punished by two men is gaining the attention of netizens from all corners of social media. The boy can be seen brutally tortured, then submerged in the water bin, head first. He seemed too helpless in the image.


The boy, Mon Veasna, is actually from Cambodia. According to reports, he was caught stealing coconuts from farmers Heng Dane, 35 years old and Heng Vanny, 28 years old. After capturing the young boy, these two farmers inevitably punished Veasna which was then captured and circulated through social media.


Last August 2014, this story has already caught the attention of the public but just these past few days, it started to circulate again. The two men seen punishing the boy in the image is already in jail.

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