Ladies out there : Check out some other helpful uses of sanitary pads

For so long, we believe that feminine pads are used only for menstruation and nothing else. But the truth is, you can utilize it in various ways, thanks to its super absorbent quality. Check out some other helpful uses of sanitary pads.

  1. As Wound Protection

There are cases in which you are badly wounded and you need something to prevent further bleeding. But you don’t have a first aid kit! Worry no more. Sanitary pads are of great help! Because of its absorbent nature, you can secure your wounds and protect it from further infections.

  1. For Growing of Sprouts

Beans like Alfalfa grows through moisture and sanitary pads are capable of giving that. In a glass jar, add a bit of water to the sanitary pad and place it vertically. Put the seeds on the sanitary pads then place the jar beside the window for several days. The seeds will start to grow after absorbing enough sunlight.

  1. As Cleaning Cloth

You knew the fact that sanitary pads are extra absorbent, which opens up to different helpful uses especially at home. Actually, you can use it at home. Simply add baking soda in it and the result is a magical cleaning cloth.

  1. As Sweat Absorber

There are people who sweat too much. But everyone hates to be sweaty since it is the primary cause of body odor. Never worry! Sanitary pads are of great help especially for sweaty feet and armpits. Simply put these pads one for each shoe and underarms and you will can avoid being smelly from now on.

  1. As Breast Pads

Since it’s absorbent, sanitary pads can also be used as breast pads for breastfeeding mothers. There’s a great chance that extra milk will come out when you’re breastfeeding your baby, so you can just use feminine pads to avoid it leaking to your clothes.

Your common knowledge towards different things in life can change if you will use your initiative and common sense more often. Innovate with things such as these sanitary pads and you will live a much comfortable life.

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