VIRAL : Man discovers long-time wife was actually a man

Everyone knows that the key to a happy marriage is love, respect, friendship, and loyalty between the two partners. However, this is rarely the case among married couples. Some lie to hide their affairs, while others lie about other secrets.

And others lie about their gender.

This was the story of 64-year-old Jan from Belgium, who found out his wife, Monica, was actually a man. He is now seeking for annulment after 19 years of marriage.

Jan married Monica in Indonesia in 1993. He immediately processed their documents so that Monica would fly with him to Belgium, in order to give her a better life. Though the Belgian courts had doubts on the authenticity of Monica’s identity, they approved her application.


For 19 years, the couple lived a completely normal life. Monica became an older sister to Jan’s children from a previous marriage. Because of that, they decided not to have any children.

However, things changed when Monica got a new full-time job. His son would tell him she would go to nightclubs, dressing in flashy outfits. He would also see photos of other men in Monica’s computer, which became a frequent source of heated arguments.


Eventually, rumors circulated that Monica was a man-turned-woman. Monica forcibly confirmed those rumors, saying she was born a boy then later operated on.

Jan is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment after the revelation. While the annulment is underway, the court did not permit him to kick Monica out of their house.

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