Husband Puts Wife On Sale And The Bid Is Unbelievable!

Image Credit Mercury Press

“For better or worse, in sickness and health, till death do us part” – you’ll mostly hear that solemn vow when attending a wedding ceremony. But it seems like this husband got the most of his wife that he ended up selling her on eBay.




Image Credit Mercury Press

A certain Simon O’Kane puts her wife on sale and captioned it as ‘used wife’. The 33-year old man is said to be joking upon putting his wife on sale on eBay after she refused to show enough sympathy when husband got sick. Her wife later found out and became the laughing stock of her co-workers.

Image Credit Mercury Press
Image Credit Mercury Press

What’s really funny is the bids which was placed by people before eBay decided to remove it. The bid came up to £65,000 and continues to go up until the listing was removed.

The ad also mentioned about the pros and cons of the Leandra, the wife.

Pros: Decent bodywork

Cons: Often makes noise that can only be silenced after giving a pair of jewelleries.

Caption also states that the husband is open for exchange for younger woman. Simon said that he was able to receive numerous responses, even pervert responses and was disappointed that the listing was taken down. But also said that everything is just a joke and she is not seriously going to sell her wife away because he is too good for him.


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