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There are a lot of unexpected incidents anywhere around the world, but the most unexpected one is a crime between a teacher and a student. This Grade 9 teacher lost her life in the hands of her student.

September 13, 2016 at Pedro “Oloy” N. Roa Senior High School, Barangay Canitoan, Cagayan de Oro City, a 15-year-old student stabbed his teacher 3 times consecutively.

The victim was Vilma Cabactulan, 43-year-old, adviser of Garde IX-Mendeleev was instantly brought to Madonna and Child Hospital but unfortunately died.

According to the police officer who handled the case, the student stabbed his teacher at the back using a 7-inch knife that he carried in her bag. The student then run away after committing the crime but was persuaded by his family to surrender and went to the Department of Social Welfare and Development Regional Office. He was turned over at the Women and Children’s Protection Desk at Bulua Police Station to go through medical and psycho-social examination.

Aside from the suspect who surrendered immediately, there are also two more students who allegedly participated in the crime. The statement of the suspect states that he did the crime because he was repeatedly humiliated by the teacher and according to him, there are also two students who had grudge on the teacher and constantly pushed her to do the crime. The murder weapon was allegedly handed to him inside the school campus. They have not yet heard the side of the two students which was named by the suspect.

According to classmates, the suspect might have held grudge towards the victim for a while because he is reprimanded by the teacher because of absences and constant use of mobile phone during class hours.

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