Teen Faces Three Years Imprisonment After Flirting With American Vlogger

Abu Sin, famously known for his controversial YouTube videos, is now facing raps after allegedly flirting with American Vlogger.

Previously, videos of Saudi teen were featured in YouNow but was later uploaded at YouTube gaining thousands of viewers. Despite all the fame, the Saudi government was not amused by his public videos, stating that it was a “breach of country’s Sharia law as well as internet regulations”. He is set to face jail time up to three years.

Abu Sin claims that he is already 20 years old but authorities said that he is somewhere like 19 years old.

The teen also asked the vlogger for marriage and promised that he won’t drink whiskey but he smokes. He also keeps on telling her that he is so in love with her.

The videos gathered thousands of followers, some of them poured negative comments towards the seemingly unethical behaviour.

See below video of Abu Sin And Cristina Below :



Source Independent UK 

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