Blue-eyed Chaiwala – The Newest Internet Sensation

Blue-eyed chaiwala becomes the new internet sensation after his photo went viral on social media.

Newbie photographer Jiah Ali captured a photo of Arshad Khan, 18 years of age, while he was working in a tea stall in Islamabad, Pakistan. But amazingly, just after a few days after it was posted online, the newest internet sensation gained a modelling contract with

The online site, is surely wanting to have more visitors for their site and they surely will have dozens to gain as they launch their newest model.

Intagram Post :


Women also came rushing on him during his work hours after his photo was posted online. Something like 30 to 50 girls went to take pictures on him.

During an interview, he also said that he wanted to be in movies ‘NOW!’ Meanwhile, he can be seen posing on, mostly on their collection of series-themed tops. His admirable stare might be the cause of his world-wide trend especially on Twitter.

One Twitter user said that both India and Pakistan were divided due to terrorism but are now united by Khan.

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