OMG :Instead Of Treating The Patient, This Doctor Left Something Horrible Inside His Body!

A hospital in Hail, Saudi Arabia is gaining the attention of the public after getting involved in a controversial medical malpractice. A patient allegedly suffered too much pain stomach because of scissor left by the doctor inside his stomach.

Patient Mohammad Suleiman Al-Haiati went to King Khalid Hospital because he was feeling unwell and has diabetes. Some tests were taken from him and it was found out that the patient had too much fluid in the stomach. He is advised to undergo an operation.

The x-ray result shown scissor inside stomach – source arabnews

However, Al Haiati went back to the hospital just after two months following his operation. He complained that his condition worsen even after the operation.

Another operation was conducted to ease the pain but just after two days, the pain in his stomach increased so he was advised to take an X-ray. Clearly, scissors were found in his body but the doctor refused to tell the truth.

Without informing him of his current situation, the doctor advised to take another operation to remove the scissors. But the patient found out about the doctor’s negligence.

Though the head doctor of the said hospital, Dr. Fawaz Al-Rashed, promised to conduct a thorough investigation, the doctor who operated the patient will fly to Egypt by Wednesday and no scheduled date of return was given to the patient.

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