If you think that you are already suffering so much in life, wait until you know the story of this so-called “snake girl”.

Shalini Yadav, 16, had been suffering from a rare skin disease ever since she was born. Her skin involuntarily sheds every 45 days. According to experts, she is suffering from Erythroderma. It is a skin condition which is rarely experienced by anyone. The skin dries up, hardens and sheds. From her scalp up to her toes, the entire body becomes scaly and flaky.

According to Yadav’s mother, her daughter is suffering from this disease since birth and her condition gets worst as years goes by. They couldn’t get the right treatment for the child because they do not have money.

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The temporary relief for her condition is to soak her entire body in the water once every hour and putting lotion every three hours. But since they lack money, they couldn’t afford this temporary relief. Her father is only a daily wage worker.

According to Shalini, she wanted to go to school but she is not allowed to because children gets scared of her. She is asking for help so her suffering will end soon.

Source Mirror

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