Chinese Man Infested With Tapeworm All Over His Body After Eating Sushi

Are you a sushi lover? So as this man who got infested by tapeworm all over his body after eating too much sashimi or uncooked slices of fish.

A Chinese man went to the doctor after experiencing too much stomach ache and itch all over his skin. A scan was conducted and they were terrified to see the results – tapeworm were found all over his body. Doctors thought that he ate contaminated raw meat/fish.

The man was hospitalized at Guangzhou No. 8 People’s Hospital in eastern China.

According to research, uncooked or raw fish like salmon contains parasites which might lead to tapeworm infection. This type of infection occurs when the larvae of diphyllobothrium from freshwater fish gets ingested. Despite being smoked or marinated, the worm can still get transmitted to your body.

These cases are prevalent even in developed countries mainly because of the increased popularity of Japanese Sushi, according to Canadian Family Physician’s journal.

Author Nancy Craig added that other dishes, including uncooked/marinated fillets and raw salmons, might also get contaminated with tapeworm eggs.

Uncooked foods that are contaminated with tapeworm larvae can cause cysticercosis and if it reached your brain, it could be life-threatening.

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