Phillipines Instead on rejoicing for her brand new looks, this pinay businesswoman died in the middle of her surgery last Sunday in Mandaluyong City.

A certain Shirlyn Saturnino, 29-year-old businesswoman, died at around 3:21 a.m while having a breast and butt and liposuction surgery. Despite the efforts of reviving her, doctors Jose Jovito Mendiola and Samuel Eric Yapjuangco failed to revive her.

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Upon the eager request of the victim’s parents, Noli and Shirley Saturnina, the case is undergoing an investigation which is led by Chief Superintendent Romulo Sapitula of the Eastern Police District. As the first line of investigation was conducted, it was found out that the victim came to the Icon Clinic, Saturday at 5 p.m, with her relative named as Shiela Mae Anabe Deinla.

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Saturnino was then admitted and was taken to the operating room. The two doctors performed the surgery until 2:40 a.m when they noticed that the woman was not breathing. They performed CPR to try to resuscitate but to no avail, she was already dead.

The doctors brought the victim to Makati Medical Center. However, while on their way, Dr. Kristel Marie del Rosario pronounced that Saturnino was already dead.

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In the reports from PhilStar Senior Superintendent Joaquin Alva sought to determine any form of medical negligence during the surgery that resulted to the woman’s death. Bothe doctors, Mendiola and Yapjuangco promised to cooperate in the investigation as their statements are highly needed.

Police authorities were still waiting for the autopsy report.

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