An Indonesian man had been missing for days not until his boots becomes clearly visible inside a 7-meter-long python resting next to his garden.

A certain Akbar Salubiro, 25, encountered the most unfortunate death when he was eaten whole by a huge snake. According to reports, Akbar went out to harvest some palm oil in their village at Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. He was not seen since then.

Villagers started to look for the missing person. On their search, they found a huge snake sprawled near Akbar’s garden. What is very alarming is the booths visible inside the python’s stomach, said

Villagers decided to check the belly of the huge snake by cutting it open using a large knife. Their hunch was true – the missing man’s body was lying there, lifeless.

According to the village secretary, Salubiro Junaidi, people already heard cries the night before the body of Akbar was found.

It is known that pythons suffocate first their victims before they swallow them whole.

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