Watch: Domestic Helper falls from 7th floor bldg. while being filmed by Employer

Trending on social media is an amateur video of a domestic helper from Ethiopia, as can be seen in the video the woman is pleading help from her employer to save her as she helplessly dangles from the 7th floor of a building in Kuwait, before falling.

The Ethiopian domestic helper pleads “Hold me, hold me!” as she clings with one hand on a window, while she is being filmed by her employer.

“Crazy, come!” says the employer as can be heard in the video but ignores her house helper.

How the woman got into this position have not yet been known.

It can be seen in the video that a few minutes after, she lost her grip from the window and the woman falls from the building.

Miraculously, what appeared to be a small building with a soft roofing saved the woman’s life. The soft roofing acted as a cushion were she landed and later walked away from the incident with no serious injuries.

The maid survived the fall but suffered multiple fractures. She was rushed to Adan hospital.

Watch below shocking video

Source (s) alarabiya | Kuwaitimes 

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