LOOK : Caught on camera, woman in Singapore hitting store employees

A cellphone video of a woman constantly hitting a store employee have gone viral over the internet. It has generated over 7,000 comments and 30,000 shares on social media.

The woman is seen hitting the store tenants repeatedly as she rants racist remarks and being bullied the Chinese girls in the neighbourhood.

According to some comments on the video, the incident happened in Tiong Bahru Plaza in Singapore.

When a bystander tried to supress the situation the lady raised her hands and also tried to hit him. The woman also insisted that her bracelet is missing and asked the bystanders to return it to her. But apparently it can be seen that in the beginning of the video she was wearing the bracelet and eventually expelled it from her wrists while she was hitting the store employees.

While the store staff were busy looking for her bracelet, the woman approached the bystander who was taking the video and threatened to sue her.

Later authorities where called into the scene, for more info please watch the video.


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