Thing To Do Before, During and After An Earthquake

Earthquakes are caused by the movements of earth’s surface. It happens particularly along the cracks in the surface of the earth referred to as fault lines. Sadly, earthquakes can’t be foretold though scientist are already working hard on it.

Here are some helpful tips before, during and after an earthquake.


  • Check your surroundings. Identify places that are safe in case of earthquake. Look for a strong piece of furniture or wall that go can to in case the ground starts to shake. Remember to drop to the ground, protect your head and neck using both arms, and crawl to a safe place near you.
  • Practice the “Drop, Cover and Hold On!” earthquake safety measures to keep you safe during an earthquake.
  • See to it that items that could fall easily, including mirrors, bookshelves and light things, are properly secured in their places.
  • Important things such as documents, medication and water should be placed in a safe place.
  • Plan the communication you will make when emergency situation strikes.
  • See to it that your house or business is earthquake resistant according to the building codes.


  • Once you feel that the ground is shaking, stay where you are until it stops. Avoid running outside as the doorways are not safe and won’t provide you much protection from all sorts of flying and falling objects.
  • Drop to the ground before you get dizzy.
  • Using both arms, cover and protect your head and neck from falling objects.
  • If you are in a potentially dangerous place, look for another means of protection such as a strong desk or table.
  • If there is a place with low furniture, interior wall or a nearby corner, do not hesitate to go there for additional protection.
  • Keep yourself away from windows, doors, glass, walls and everything that could easily fall down during an earthquake.
  • Hold into something sturdy.

In case getting to the floor to cover yourself is not possible:

  • Look for a place away from objects that could easily fall and windows. You can stay on the corner.

In case you are lying on the bed:

  • Stay where you are and cover your head and neck with pillow.

In case you are outside:

  • When outside, search for a safe place. Somewhere away from buildings and other infrastructures that might fall down.

In case you are inside the vehicle:

  • When inside the vehicle, safely take a stop as soon as possible. See to it that the area is safe, away from buildings, trees and wires.


  • When the earthquake stops, check the area and proceed to a safe path, away from the building/house or damaged areas.
  • In case you are trapped, stay where you are.
  • If you fortunately have a mobile phone, call/text someone for help.
  • Announce your presence. Tap the wall, or use whistle, make any noise to attract the attention of others.
  • Once you are safe, monitor the news via social media, battery-operated radio or television.
  • Be prepared for any aftershocks.

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