Cement Everywhere! This Man Fills The Car of His Wife With Cement After A Bizarre Incident

St. Petersburg, RUSSIA – Wife gets the most amazing surprise of her life when husband fills her car with cement. It all started when wife changed her surname to the name of the supermarket chain where she works.

A bizarre video which was captured by an eyewitness which was then shared online got the attention of the public. In the video, the man was seen instructing a cement mixing truck to fill the car through its windows.

After a few moments, the car can be seen filled with cement up to its windows. When confronted, the husband admitted to the incident claiming that they are going through a ‘rocky patch’ with his wife.

Everything that the man did was the result of his anger when wife legally changed her surname into Veniy (loyal), name of the supermarket she was working. It says that the supermarket chain will pay 50,000 RUB (703 GBP) to those individuals who can do so, mainly for promotional purposes.

The video shared and watched multiple times in social media. One commenter in the name of Aleksei Fokin said, “I wish I could see his wife’s face”. Vladimir Nemchenko added, “The lorry driver could be prosecuted, just like this guy, as technically he was the one who poured the cement. Why would he agree to do that?”

The identity of the couple is not yet identified, according to dailymail.co.uk.

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