Young Girl Placed Inside A Sack, Kicked And Whipped By Own Relatives Becomes Viral Online

An investigation is currently conducted by the Chinese police regarding a viral video showing a small girl placed inside a sack. She was being punished by her relatives.

The video footage which was allegedly filmed last April 14 in China shows the grandmother of the child repeatedly kicking the sack while the aunt whips using a stick.

According to reports, both women took care of the child because her parents are working in another city in China. They defended themselves by saying that they are only punishing the girl because of her “undesirable habits”.

In the 23-second short clip, it can be seen that the girl was placed inside a sack used for snakes. A woman can also be seen sitting near the sack and repeatedly poking the sack using her foot.

According to Beijing NewsThe woman who was capture in the video was said to be her grandmother. She can also be heard saying that the girl needs to ne obedient and avoid doing the same thing ever again.

Throughout the video, the child can be heard crying nonstop and trying to free herself from the sack as she desperately rolls on the floor.

The child’s sufferings did not end with that. In the later part of the video, another woman emerged. She is seen whipping the legs of the child using a stick. After that, the child was set free.

Her aunt also told the child that she will break her leg if she refuse to behave.

According to reports, the child belongs to the so-called ‘left-behind children’ in the country of China. They are being left to another relative as their parents work in another city.

The scene was filmed in the Hongjiang Fruit farm where her grandmother and aunt works.

The Lianjiang police tried to locate the two women. According to them, they were just trying to “teach her a lesson” so she will avoid her bad habits.

Authorities are currently investigating the case.

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