Not Cucumber or Eggplant, This Woman Uses Cassava For Much Intense Pleasure

A viral Facebook post has set the public ablaze after a woman allegedly used cassava to pleasure herself instead of using those expensive vibrators and s3x toys.

As they say, nature can provide everything that you need in life. But this woman took it too personal as she allegedly used the poor cassava to pleasure herself instead of s3x toys.

News of people using vegetables such as cucumber and eggplant to pleasure themselves, created public amazement for years. This time, a woman allegedly used a cassava for a much intense excitement.

Image Source : EliteReaders

The woman, afraid to get pregnant even decided to use condom on the edible root crop. But much to her concern, she accidentally lost grip on the tip of the condom, resulting to the cassava getting stuck into her genitals.

She was brought to the hospital for the removal of the stuck cassava. But the issue didn’t end with that. It was brought to social media, making her the laughing stock of the public. People made fun of her as she used a cassava with condom to pleasure herself. Some netizens laughed while others were saddened on the rising similar incidents.

In reality, pleasuring yourself using weird stuffs especially vegetables is nonetheless, a big NO. Doing so will only result to complications and of course, public humiliation.

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