Amusement park, prospected to be better than Disneyland, but read what happend

In Barangay Mayasang, Lemery Batangas Philippines  lies a supposed to be amusement park that was projected to compete against the world famous Disneyland.

A Japanese businessman attempted to rival Disneyland by building the said Medieval Themed park, consisting of rides and condominiums to make it more exclusive. The aged looking castle is settled above a hill, complimented with an overwhelming view of Tagaytay upon reaching the tower top.

Its appearance looks as if it was formerly a castle belonging to a royal family.

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the supposed to be theme park halted construction, and eventually wasn’t realised.

Despite being incomplete, it has still become a tourist attraction, due to its scale.

Rides, rollercoaster, ferris wheel and an elegant water fountain are located inside but some are unfinished.

A nearby treehouse also has a clear view of the entire park, and is connected to another treehouse by a hanging bridge.

An affordable entrance fee of P1,000 for 10 pax is all it costs to enjoy the place with family & friends.

Given its magnificent ambiance, location and a scenic view of Taal Lake, It definitely would have been the rarest places to visit in the Philippines specifically in Tagaytay. –TNP

Watch below video :

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