SR 3 million and a 5-year jail term for those who will be found to be spreading wrong information and is siding with Qatar

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with 5 other countries namely UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, Libia ang Egypt had already withdrawn their diplomatic relations with Qatar last June 5, 2017.

It is said that the main reason for the end of their  diplomatic ties was because they disobey some of the rules of the Gulf region.  The Saudi Press Agency also expressed that Doha’s authorities have been involved in systematic violations which created conflicts between Saudi Arabia including the intention of destabilizing the Kingdom’s operation by upbringing terrorists and sectarian groups.

Qatar consuls and Qatar nationals staying within the Kingdom are however given 14 days to leave.

The border within Saudi and Qatar has been closed and Qatari nationals were no longer granted the permission to cross over.

Moreso, Etihad Airways, Saudi Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Fly Dubai and any other Airlines have ended their operations in Qatar.  Same way that they revoked the license of Qatar  to fly within Saudi Arabia’s jurisdiction.

Passengers who had booked their tickets via Qatar Airways with a transit Visa to Saudi Arabia or with a transfer to Qatar airports should contact Qatar Airways as all its flights have been redirected  since it can no longer fly over Saudi Arabia or UAE as covered by the air space rules.

While some Saudis and nonnatives were unaware of the real reason why diplomatic ties was stopped between the Kingdom  together with the other 5 countries and Qatar, they were spreading false news and were leaning in favor of Qatar.

Misleaded with false facts, some of them even posted online and were commenting positively on the side of Qatar.  But most of them have stood on the side of the Kingdom as a respect for their decision and for the interest of many.

To secure the truth, Saudi Arabia therefore imposed a fine of SR 3 million and a 5-year jail term for those who will be found to be spreading wrong information and is siding with Qatar.   The same goes with UAE who will give a sanction of 15 years imprisonment for those who will favor Qatar.

The Kingdom had also emphasized the importance of knowing the truth behind their withdrawal of diplomatic ties with Qatar because they believe that once facts have been known, no one will ever stand on Qatar’s side.

Saudi Arabia also banned all its nationals in entering Qatar as an additonal to other 6 countries namely: Thailand, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Israel, Iran and Pakistan.

Source (s) SaudiNews LifeinSaudiArabia 

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