This Dying 7 Years Old Girl Refuses Treatment To Give The Money And Save Baby Sister

Would you give up your own savings for the sake of your sibling?  Are you willing to compromise your own health just to make your sibling feel a lot better?

Recently, a 7-year old girl named Wang Yue from Henan, China, was admired by netizens for her sweet act of giving her coin savings to her father to allot the said money to her sibling who has been suffering from the same disease as her’s.

Wang has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease where bones get overly dense throughout her body called “Osteopetrosis”.  The symptoms of the disease include fractures, low blood cell production and loss of cranial nerve function leading to deafness, blindness and facial nerve analysis. Wang also noticed that her vision became blurry which made it hard for her to read book while studying in school.

On a lighter side, good news is, her parents have successfully found a bone marrow compatible with Wang and the donor is now going a thorough medical check-up. They planned to have their both children undergo the bone marrow transplant but unfortunately, they cannot afford to pay for the procedures. In fact, the father had already withdrawn all his money from the bank to support earlier treatments.

The surgical fee for each child is 500,000 yuan ( $75,000) without taking into account the post-surgery medications and other fees.

Their father was able to borrow money from friends and families but was only able to raise the amount of 200, 000 ($ 30,000).

Realizing that only one among them will be able to undergo the bone marrow transplant because of insufficient funds, Wang Yue told his father that she is willing to give way to her younger sister who was only one years old.

Wang said, “Since we can’t manage to borrow so much money, I will give up on the treatment then. I have some savings here, combine it with the money you borrowed to save my sister.”

She also said, “I’m big already, it doesn’t matter if I don’t undergo the treatment. Here’s some money that I’ve saved up, please take it.” After which, she handed over to his father all the coins that she had saved.

Her father extended his hands to receive the coins which Wang Yue saved while his hands were shaking and tears kept rolling down on his face.

As of this writing, the parents of Wang Yue were still exerting all possible means to raise the much needed  money which they hope they’ll  be able to have so they can support the operation of  both child.

Source : WorldofBuzz


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