True Love : Look This Canadian Women Travels To Philippines To Meet Her Filipino Boyfriend

Love makes the world go round.  Regardless of who you are and what you are, being in-love takes you in a different height of emotions.  When one is in love, the world around him/her will always seem beautiful.  And that’s the beauty of it!

Recently, a video posted by BF/GF page has gone viral after it featured the love story of a Filipino guy and a Canadian girl who only knew each other thru social media with a simple friend request in 2009.

And after 2 years of courtship, the two finally met when the girl flew all the way from Canada to the Philippines to personally meet the love of her life in General Santos City.

In January 5, 2012, the guy fetched the girl at General Santos’ Airport and based on the photos taken that time, the partners excitedly embraced each other as they’ve finally met after years of just talking online.

It was noted that during the girl’s stay in the Philippines, she and her boyfriend had a great time together and it looked like they couldn’t get enough of each other with their photos online that have been shared on Facebook.

Sad though, the happy memories that they’ve spent as partners had come to an end when the girl had to flew back to Canada which only meant they were also back to the norms of having a “long distance relationship”.

But real love really found its way when the two met together after almost one year and a half when the girl flew again to the Philippines to meet her sweetheart.

When the guy fetched her at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2, they hugged each other more intensely which clearly showed how they’ve missed each other so much.

With the intention of not letting go of each other anymore, the partners had decided to get married last August 10, 2013.  They tied the knot that no one else can separate them them from each other anymore.

Truly, “When love is real, it will endure forever.”

Love wins!

Source: Danified

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