Old Woman’s Lost Engagement Ring for 13 Long Years Found Stuck Around a Carrot Harvested in Own Farm

A Canadian woman was very happy upon finding her long-lost diamond engagement ring for 13 years.  Unexpectedly, it was seen ‘worn’ on a carrot which was harvested from the old woman’s garden.

In an interview with a broadcaster, 84-year-old Mary Grams said that she’d lost the ring in 2004 while she was removing weeds from the crops of their family farm near Armena, Alberta.  She had worn the ring since 1951 and losing the ring was quite a sad thing for her.

She kept what happened as a secret from everyone except from her son, in as far as buying a replacement will definitely be misunderstood by her husband, Norman.  Sad though, Norman died in 2012, soon after they had celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

And the good news came about when Colleen Daley, Gram’s daughter-in-law who lives in the farm, found the ring on a malformed carrot which she harvested from their garden.

Daley said that she’d never seen something like that before, referring to the carrot which seemed like wearing the diamond ring.

I asked my husband if he recognized the ring, and he said yeah. His mother had lost her engagement ring years ago in the garden and never found it again. And it turned up on this carrot.Daley shared.

However, Grams said that she never thought of the time when she’ll be able to see again the lost ring after 13 years, which she thought of, would already be impossible.

As of this writing, surprisingly, this isn’t the first time a long-lost ring has been recovered on a carrot as a Swedish woman was also able to find her’s which she lost for 16 years in the year 2011.

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