Selfish Father Causes Death of Own Daughter After Covering Face of Crying Baby to Get His Desired Sleep

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A 27-year-old father in North Jakarta named Faisal Amir, was left at home with his daughter while his wife was out for work.  Unemployed at that time, he was the one in-charged to take care of their daughter while his wife works as an accountant.


According to Lobak Merah, on August 8, 2017 in an apartment around 2pm, the father was about to take some sleep when his 3-month-old baby started to cry.  Wanting not to be disturbed with the noise, Faisal threw a bottle of powder to his daughter, thinking the baby would stop crying.  But as the baby turned out to be hurt, she cried even more which made his father get angry even more.

To get the sleep that he wanted, the father who seemed selfish, covered the face of the baby with a pillow to tone down the noise of the crying baby.

I was angry. I hit her leg with a bottle of powder but she still kept crying. At that time I was lying on a pillow, so I pulled it out and put it on her face. At that time I was very dizzy, Faisal said.

Fallen asleep after he had tamed down the noise, he woke up around 5pm and went directly to their kitchen to prepare milk for his baby.  Just as he was about to feed her, he discovered that the baby was not breathing, and already lifeless.

I tried giving her CPR but my daughter never regained consciousness. She was lifeless. I regret this,” Faisal said with deep regret.

Apparently, the baby has died because of suffocation when her face was covered with pillow by his own father!

Kombes Pol Dwiyono, Chief Police of North Jakarta, said that Faisal most likely behaved recklessly because of the pressures and stress brought by being unemployed for quite some time and the burden of being given the responsibility of solely taking care of their baby while his wife was working and far away from them.

There is a possibility that the suspect is going through stress due to failure of finding a job. He was also angry because his baby always cried. The suspect hit the baby three times but the victim still kept crying until he tossed the pillow over the baby’s face, the police officer added.

As of Press time, the case is still under investigation and the reaction of the mother to the sudden death of her baby was not yet determined and established,  However, should the father be charged in court, he can be put into jail and suffer a sentence of up to 20 years.

Hopefully, the case will be handled properly and justice be served, accordingly.

Rest in Peace, little angel.

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