Meet “Mask Boy”, The Chinese Boy Born with Rare Facial Deformity

It would be very hard for a mother who carried her child in her womb for 9 months to see him suffering from a condition that would become hard for him to bear. Such as this mother who was puzzled as to how her child acquired his deformity.

On March 4, 2009, a Chinese boy with a rare face deformity was born. The boy named Huikang, was born in Hunan Province in Southern China. Huikang’s mother, Yi Lianxi was 23 years old when she gave birth to him. They belonged to a family of farmers, residents of Zhongsha, Xiangtan City.

Because the boy was born with two large breaches from the sides of his mouth to his ears called severe transverse facial cleft, the boy had to wear mask due to his facial deformity.  This made him later on to be tagged as, “mask boy”.


After she gave birth, Yi Lianxi said the doctors were hesitant to show her baby at first.  But as a mother, nothing can be happier than to see her child so she insisted to see how her child looked like.

“My whole body felt numb.  I saw the child was crying, and I cried, too.  I felt my heart had broken.  Why would this happen to me,” she said sadly.

Furthermore, the mother was confused why her baby turned out to be with deformity as during her pre-natal check-ups, the ultrasound and Doppler does not show any abnormalities on the baby.

In fact, the grandmother said, by the time their friends saw Huikang, they advice them to throw him away.  But a mother can never hurt her child much more to just throw her own baby like that.  Yi loved her baby no matter how he looked.

Unfortunately, the people around humiliated and degraded them.

In 2010, the boy’s condition became widespread thru media after he was brought to No. 163 Military Hospital to be treated.

Later on, he became well-known to many people and were able to get help and donations which helped them to afford paying expensive hospital bills for the boy’s two surgeries amounting to 400,000 yuan (P 3 million).

The boy had undergone series of surgeries which all turned successful.

However, they will still have to wait for ten years to monitor if his bones will grow normally as they should be.


As of press time, there were no written updates about the condition of Huikang, but everyone hopes that he passes all the needed surgeries so he can live a normal life. – via TNP

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