72-Year-Old Woman Finds Real Love in A Man 45 Years Younger

Does age really matter for two people who are deeply in-love? For this couple, they proved that age can never be a hindrance to show their love for one another.

72-year-old Angela Nwachukwu from Dorset, United Kingdom met CJ, a 27-year-old Nigerian on Facebook in February of 2015. CJ was a Computer Engineer.

According to Angela who was a retired taxi driver, she saw that a young man sent her a friend request on Facebook and she was so thrilled as she felt she was so lucky.

“I did wonder why on earth he had added me, but I accepted and he sent me a message straight away telling me how lovely my profile photo was,” Angela said.


She added, “We chatted for hours, about our families and each others’ hobbies – it was like we’d known each other for years.”


At first, Angela’s children thought their mom was being scammed so they started to check on CJ’s personal background but turned out that the guy had clean intentions with their mother. They were even overjoyed when CJ finally proposed thru a video call to Angela on March of 2015, a month after they’ve started their whirlwind romance.


Angela narrated, “I was so taken a back when he asked me to marry him out of the blue. There was such an amazing chemistry between us, I knew he was my soulmate.”


Immediately after the proposal, Angela bought a blue dress for the wedding ceremony and booked a flight going to Nigeria.  On the other hand, CJ purchased their wedding rings to seal their wedding vows.

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“We’d planned to wait until the wedding night to consummate our relationship, but we couldn’t keep our hands off each other!, Angela said excitedly.

When Angela went back to England, she was so disappointed and ruined when she learned that CJ’s visa has been denied.  In fact, they’ve tried another one, but both applications have been disapproved.

However, the two did not give up as they continued applying for CJ’s visa where Angela even hired a lawyer just to settle any legal issues.

Difficult as it may seem, but Angela’s love for CJ made it easier for her to fly back and forth to visit him in Africa for the time being that his visa hasn’t been approved yet

The lovers were still hoping that CJ would be granted by UK with even a student visa so the latter would be able to complete a Master’s Degree and spend the rest of his life with his beloved wife, Angela so they can live happily ever after.

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