Indian Couple Proves Real Love Cannot Be Hindered by Physical Appearance

People cannot get enough of a love story between two people who proved that physical appearance is not a hindrance for real love to grow and flourish. This story of Sunita and Jai  will definitely touch your hearts.

Sunita and Jai have known each other since high school days and it was said that the two had feelings for each other then but perhaps because they were still young, they just enjoyed each other’s company as friends.  After school, they’ve parted ways and have not heard anything about each other for quite some time.

After two and a half years, Jai was surprised to have received a call from Sunita who wished him on his birthday. At first Jai was unable to recognize her voice but soon, he was so excited and happy that after almost 3 years, they have heard from each other again. From then on, they were in constant communication.

But one day, on her way home, Sunita had a car accident where her car  hurled over a truck with her face out of the car which caused it to be dragged on the road made of asphalt. At first, Sunita thought it was just a simple wound but when she was brought to the hospital, she found out that part of her face was ruined.

When Jai learned about Sunita’s accident, he rushed to the hospital to see her and checked on how she was doing. Sad though, Sunita looked very different as her face has been ‘deformed’ and has to undergo a series of surgery.

When Jai went home, he said he cannot remove Sunita from his thoughts and the face of Sunita on the first time that she met her was so clear on his mind.  Deep within him, he knows he likes Sunita despite of what happened to her face which made her different from how she liked during high school days.  But Jai wanted to prove his love for Sunita and was really decided to marry her.

Days passed by until on day, Jai decided to propose to the love of his life, Sunita.  At first, Sunita refused his marriage proposal but Jai didn’t give up on showing his love for her until finally after a year, Sunita gave her sweetest “yes”.

Their marriage has been blessed with a girl as their first child.

Truly, when love is real, it cannot be defined based on stature or appearance,but by real love itself which knows no boundaries and no limitations.  Love wins! – via Deccan Chronicle

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