2 Feet and 8 Inches Little Man Proves Size Doesn’t Matter for Real Love to Grow

This is the story of a man who stands 2 feet and 8 inches only but was able to prove the world that he has a happy love life any man in the world would wish for!

Sean Stephenson was born with a genetic bone disorder with brittle bones that nearly breaks in his whole body and made him suffer from more than 200 fractures.  More so, he was also suffering from osteogenesis imperfect which made him difficult to move.

While everyone may get disappointed having a case just like his, Sean never showed depression despite of having disabilities and enjoyed a normal life that anyone had ever wanted.  In fact, this short man has earned the respect of many people as he was known to be a great motivational speaker.

Just like any other man, Sean had fallen in love with a girl whom at first many had doubted her real intentions and sincerity towards him.  But later on, Mindie was able to show the world that her love for Sean was genuine and that she wanted to spend the rest of her days with him.

Sean and Mindie has been married and soon shared their photos on social media and raised eyebrows on those who belittled them.

Just like any other married couples, Sean and Mindie said they also enter into arguments but easily makes amendments.  Love is in the air! – via Barcroft TV

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