A video is circulating online containing a totally disturbing content of a fight between a gay and a woman who was said to be pregnant.

In the video posted by Aco C Rodrigo Armas Jr., it can be seen that the gay is pointing fingers into the woman who was just standing still. Moments after, it can be seen that he is starting to slap her and dragged her into the ground. He continuously slapped her and punched her until she was helpless.

Base on their faces, they are still teens and it’s so alarming to see that they are getting involved in these incident despite their young age.

Their fight continued until concerned citizens stopped them. Another girl wearing a black t-shirt comforted her.

Netizens went abuzz over the disturbing video. Everyone got mad towards to man in the video.

As of the moment, the people in the video is not yet identified. The video continues to circulate in the internet, gaining 1.8 million views and 16k reactions as of the moment.

See video here :


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