Food Science Experts Conclude That Green Potatoes Are Poisonous

Potatoes are used in most of our favorite dishes.  They are healthy and nutritious.  However, research shows that potatoes that are green in color are poisonous.  Why is it so?

Potatoes are said to be naturally producing solanine as their defense against pests.  But when they are exposed to sunlight and heat, they produce an excessive amount of it thus, their color will turn into green.

This study had been attested by food science experts.  And when a person consumed a green potato, he/she can experience a headache, nausea and worse can suffer from the neurological disorder.

In an article made by The New York Times, they claimed that the green color of the potatoes is due to chlorophyll which is not harmful at all.  But then, the green color also signifies solanine present among potatoes.

More so, Solanine is a natural substance present in potatoes but is in low in quantity.  But due to exposure to direct sunlight and warm temperature, the amount of solanine dramatically increases.

But how poisonous are green potatoes?

If a potato has excessive solanine, even a small piece of a green potato can cause a person to become ill.  Therefore, it is advisable that they are stored in cool places and to remove the green part of the potato prior to consumption.

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