VIRAL: OFW in Kuwait Escapes After Employer Abused And Planned To Sell Her

An OFW is seeking refuge after her employer allegedly abused her and planned to sell her to another employer.

In the video, which was posted by a certain Bryan Paule, it can be seen that the Filipina is sitting on the ground. It is obvious in her eyes that she does not know what to do.

She is JOY DULAY TUPIL a native Filipina from Isabela Philippines

A fellow (kababayan ) countrymen found her and offered some help. They promised to send her to the embassy so she can go back safe to the Philippines.

According to the OFW, she escaped from her employers because they are maltreating her physically. They also planned to sell her and the salary she worked hard for was not given to her.

Good thing she was found by kind-hearted people who was able to render her the help she desperately needs.

Netizens were amazed at how kindhearted the Filipinos who helped the poor woman in the video.

“Hello Kabayantulunganninyosikabayan.DalhinsyasaPhililippineEmbassy.paramatulungan ng governor.Malamanyan ng mahalnapangulo Rodrigo Dutertesiguradomagasalitsya.Salamatkabayantulunganninyodalhinkaagadsa Embassy [Hello Kabayan, please help this Kabayan. Bring her to the Philippine Embassy so the governor can help. If President Rodrigo Duterte knows this, he will surely get mad. Thank you Kabayan. Please help her so she can seek help from the Embassy],” says Facebook user ChonaMagbanua.

“Naku s Kuwait palayan s jaharapkibilisannio n bkamamayamkita p yan ng mgaarabo. wagmongipataxiyanbkammya kung saan2x dadalhinyan c ate kwawanmn [It’s in Jahara, Kuwait. Please help her before Arabs sees her. Please don’t let her ride the taxi alone so she won’t be sent to other places],” says NP Ecol.

“Gawannyo ng paraan para matulongansyabakamahulinaanglahat. Alamnatinang reality jansaibangbansa. Baka uuwiyankargamintosaatinkawawanamansya at family nya. Pagsaatinyanmangyayari [Please help her before it’s too late. We know the reality when working abroad. She and her family will become very pitiful if she comes home lifeless],” says Neal RadgJeom.

As of the moment, the OFW is now accommodated in the POLO shelter.


See live video below :

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