OFW Mom Wholeheartedly Accepts Young Daughter Who Gets Pregnant, Continued to Work to Support Children and Grandchild

“Minsansukong-sukonaako. Di konaalam kung pano ang gagawinkomasolvelahat ng problemakolalonasa financial. Kahit may sakitakoditotuloylangsa work kasibawatarawnadumaansayang para sa akin dahilwalakoibainisipkundiungsahodkokailanganmapadalakosakanila.”

A mother would do anything for her children.

A 39-year-old mother tried her luck to work abroad as a domestic helper to be able to support her children’s education.

Aby Borja used to earn only P150 every day by selling fried chicken which they spend for their needs. So when her eldest daughter asked her to go abroad so she can go to college, Aby did not have second thoughts just to be able to support their studies.

 “Hindi akonagdalawang-isipsapakiusap ng anakkodahilhangadko din namakatapossiya ng kolehiyoniya.”

In her letter to Kami.com.ph, Aby claimed that a part of her salary was sent to her mother but most of it was allotted for her 2 daughters.  She said she even sacrificed her own comfort.

 “Wala akoibangginawaditokundimagtiis. Minsannakakaranasakoditosamga duty nakumain ng kaninlang, walangulam. Minsannamanisangbeseslangkakainsabuongaraw.”

Aby’s eldest daughter is currently on her second year in College taking up Information Technology at Informatics College.  On the other hand, her youngest daughter became pregnant while in her Senior High School.  However, even if her youngest child somehow took a different path from her eldest, Aby still supported her pregnancy and had given her all the support that she can give as a mother.

“Kahitanongdagoknadumatingsabuhayko, nagkamali man ang bunsoko, tinanggap at niyakapko pa rin ang lahat ng pagkakamaliniya. Bagkusunawain at mahalinkahitpasila’ynagkamali.,”

But in December 2017, an unpleasing incident happened when her pregnant daughter almost died after the baby had pooped while inside her womb.  Luckily, she was rushed in a hospital and both of them were saved by the doctors.

“Wala akomagawakundiumiyakna lang. Salamat saPanginoonnailabasmuna ang baby bagosiya nag-highblood. Kung nagkataonna di naagapan, walanayunganakko at apo ko.”

Now, Aby’s daughters and her grandchild are in good health.

Meanwhile, Aby is still working as an OFW in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and continues to save money for her children’s education and to support her grandchild aside from some debts which she still needs to settle.


Despite all the hardships, the trials and sacrifices, she claimed she chooses to remain strong for her loved-ones and gets her strength from God as she wishes for good health and longer life so she can still continue to work.

Aby left the Philippines to work as an OFW in 2014.

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