Say Goodbye to Stinky Smell from Your Trash Bins

Bothered by your trash bins with stinky smell?  Worry no more because an easy trick is here!

Your trash bin has been full of trash and the bad smell had been spreading all over your house.  You’re already bothered a visitor may come in and may sense that your house is smelling trash so you started to yell at your kids to stop them from opening and throwing garbage in the can.  Worry not as a ‘friendly’ easy step is here to save your day!

According to the cleaning experts at Apartment Therapy, this handy odor-eliminating trick is so simple and cheap but would definitely help you eradicate that stinky smell from your home because of your trash bins.

You’ll only be needing a cotton ball and some essential oils.  All you have to do is soak the cotton ball into the essential oil of your choice and simply drop it into the trash bin.  Throw it in before you replace the plastic so that it will be underneath the bin liner, Soak it well and it will be good for a couple of days.

When choosing the essential oil that you will use, it would be good to opt for scents of lemon, lemongrass and tea tree because they have anti-bacterial properties that could help your trash bin to be free of bacteria.

On the other hand, eucalyptus oil repels bugs and insects and is very ideal when your trash bins contain rotten food, left-overs and fruits.

If you are also considering to use the same jasmine oil you are using for your oil burner, Good Housekeeping suggests you sprinkle bicarbonate soda at the bottom of your trash in order to prevent the unpleasant odor from escaping.

Now that you know this simple trick, spread the news to your friends.

Goodbye, stinky smell!

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