15 Plants Ideal for your Homes So You Can Live Happily, Healthy and Safely

Aside from the fact that plants serve as decoration to homes, offices, malls and establishments, plants had been very helpful to human ever since.

According to researchers and scientists, plants are known to improve air quality and humidity levels.  They also reduce stress, make people calmer and happier, reduce symptoms of discomfort and minor ailments, speed up recovery from illness and it improves concentration, productivity and creativity.

But what plants are best for our homes?  We suggest that you have these indoor plants.

In the bathroom, you may put the following:

  • Lady Palm tree – it clears the air from ammonia coming from detergents and other cleaning agents we use in the bathroom
  • Chinese Evergreen – it eliminates formaldehyde in the air coming from disinfectants
  • European Ivy – it absorbs carbon dioxide better compared with other plants

In the bedroom, it would be best to put the following:

  • SansevieriaTrifasciaita – it omits oxygen which clears toxins in the air. It improves quality of sleep and helps people with insomnia
  • Spathiphyllum – it absorbs toxins present in the air such as ammonia, acetone and benzol
  • Phalaenopsis – it emits oxygen at nighttime and clears the air of toluene.  It also has beautiful flowers that looks great as room’s decoration

In your baby’s room, you may consider the following plants:

  • Coffea – considered as a natural filter that cleans the air from toxins and air pollutants
  • Hibiscus – it emits phytoncides. It cleans the air making it cleaner and healthier for your babies and kids to breathe
  • Cyclamen – promotes calmness, relaxation, depression and irritability

The living room is where we usually stay long.  These plants can help.

  • Dracaena Reflexa – it clean the air from pollutants and toxins such as benzol and formaldehyde
  • Chlorophytum – it clears the air from containing formaldehyde coming from cigarettes and smoke emitted by cars
  • Benjamin Fig – clears the air from trichloroethylene from the smell coming from glue and carpet detergents, phenol and benzol

What’s ideal for your kitchen?  Please consider placing these plants:

  • Aloe Vera – it cleans the air from benzol and formaldehyde
  • Stephanotis – it purifies air in the kitchen making it healthier to breathe in. It is also very nice as it is flowering the whole-year round.
  • Saintpaulia – helps you get rid of ants in the kitchen

With all these plants being said and now you know how we get benefited by them. It’s now time to PLANT!

Happy planting!


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