Are you an adventurous eater and enjoy eating foods that are exotic, different and uncommon?  While many people are challenged in trying to taste ‘unusual’ food, one should take into consideration that some of these are health hazards, too.

Listed below are 7 of the Deadly and Most Dangerous Foods in the World:


  1. Liver Cancer Salad – This food is made of chopped raw fish squeezed with lime juice, mixed with salad dressing and sprinkled with red ants. Found to be a favorite in North Eastern Thailand, this food has been called liver cancer salad because it was allegedly found that it is the cause of cancer among 50% of those who consume it.  It is said that the culprit lies on the parasitic liver flukes of the raw fish. And since it is being eaten raw, consumers also get to eat the parasites.

2.Fugu – Well-known in Japan, Korea and Singapore, this pricey fish is being used in sashimi. The fish meat is safe to consume.  However, its great tasting liver contains neurotoxin and  tetrodotoxin which can cause dizziness and muscle weakness which others believe to be poisonous.

3.Starfruit – appearing to be enticing to eat, this fruit is secretly deadly for containing a neurotoxin that induce “starfruit intoxication” that causes patients with impaired kidneys to vomit, experience numbness, weak muscles, convulsion and confusion.

4. Ackee – Found in West Africa and the Carribean, this fruit is turned into wine. This fruit contains toxic substances such as hypoglycin A and B. Consuming the wrong part of the fruit may result to seizures and severe vomiting and worse, comatose leading to death.

5.“ Pagpag”- a Filipino term which means to remove or shake off the dirt, pagpag food are left-overs thrown in the garbage and are recycled by re-cooking or reheating prior to consumption. By eating the food, consumers are more prone to have cholera, typhoid and hepatitis.

Would you eat recycled landfill meat?

Would you eat recycled landfill meat? That's what some of the poorest people in the capital of the Philippines, Manila, do on a daily basis. Warning: This video contains graphic footage of waste food.

Posted by BBC World Service on Thursday, February 22, 2018

6.Absinthe – A popular drink among the Bohemians in Europe in the 19th Century, this drink induce psychedelic hallucinations, psychosis, seizures and mental illness. Studies show that it’s powerful effect is linked to neuron, alpha-thujone.

7. Cassava – a very well know food all over the world, mostly consumed by people in Asia, Africa and America, and a top source of calories by more than 500 million people, this food caused 25 Filipinos in 2015 to die and 100 became sick after it was improperly cooked. Cassava contains cyanogenic glycosides.  Its roots are generally safe to eat provided they are cooked properly to reduce its toxicity, containing cyanide.


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