Child Develops Eye Problem At The Age Of Four After Too Much Use of Gadgets

Because of the development of so many applications and social media sites these days, excessive use of gadgets is very rampant. Alarmingly, toddlers as young as 1-year-old are getting engage in using gadgets for hours despite the alarming number of cases involving too much screen exposure.

Parents, on the other hand, opts to give gadgets to their young kids to keep them entertained every time they are busy. Though this sounds a great idea, the negative effect overweighs the positive.

A father took to social media to share his own experience regarding his daughter’s excessive use of gadgets.

According to DacharNuystickerChuayduang, his daughter almost went blind after using gadgets for hours. He posted a photo of his 4-year-old daughter after an eye surgery was performed.

As early as 2 years old, the child uses iPad and smartphones for hours, without rest. As the child gets accustomed to using gadgets, she would start to get mad whenever the gadgets are taken from her.

Though the use of gadgets help her get entertained for hours, it also caused her eye problems at a very young age. She developed “lazy eyes”, a condition wherein her eyes failed to develop properly. But then, even as the child developed the condition, her father still allowed her to use gadgets.

The condition eventually worsened so the child was brought to the doctor again.

A surgery was performed to correct the vision of the girl, at the age of 4.

Chuayduang shared the experience to warn fellow parents when it comes to children’s use of gadgets

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