Superhero Dad Jumps Over A 4-Foot Pool Fence Upon Seeing His Drowning Son

Once you become a dad, you will come to realize that your child is so precious, you will do anything and everything just to keep them safe and healthy.

Just like this dad who never hesitated to jump over a 4-foot pool fence upon seeing his child who is drowning.

Albert Passavanti and his family were enjoying leisure time at Palm Beach, Florida. However, everything turned sour when Albert’s 1 year and a half old son Rocco went to the pool to reach a yellow ball but accidently slipped.

His fatherly instinct turned on and he sprang without hesitation to save his son from drowning. He leapt from the 4-foot fence, as though a superhero saving someone in need, and got his son right that instant.

Without a doubt, the heroic act of this dad captured the attention of netizens and videos of him saving his child was circulated on social media. Albert was also tagged as the father of the year.

“The second you see it, you get Superman strength and just have to go for it,” says Albert in an interview. “Whatever you got to do.”

Both Albert and Rocco didn’t sustain any injuries following the incident.

However, Albert wants to raise attention to parents to always take pool safety seriously to avoid accidents like the one that they experienced.

See the clip below 

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