Filipino Couple Crosses The River Just To Get Married, Wedding Photos Goes Viral

Filipinos have these special characteristics of finding goodness amidst the bad. This is the reason why this marriage in the Philippines was pursued despite the difficult road (literally) that they have to pass through.

In a series of photos which was posted by Nyleme Nunez in her Facebook account, the marriage of a lovely couple was pursued despite the obstacles that they had to face before arriving in the church – a wide river.

In the photos, the bride can be seen crossing the river while holding her gown up so it won’t soak with water. Of course, her groom is there to assist her and keep her safe until they reach land.

The Facebook post with a caption “Umulan man o bumagyo…tuloyang kaso… walang magbabago aieste kasal. A river to forever,” gained the attention of netizens as the couple portrays positivity despite the obstacle that they have to go through before actually tying the knot.

Smiles were also seen on their faces despite the struggle of crossing the river. Surely, this couple will surpass real challenges, especially in their married life. There are still a lot of challenges ahead of them. But with their positivity in life, it will just be a piece of cake.

The couple safely arrived at the church and the wedding was pursued.

Congratulations to the newly-wedded couple!

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