Mindanao Earthquake Stopped by Quiboloy

Recently, Mindanao was jolted with strong quakes which could have resulted in inthe loss of numerous lives. However, someone allegedly ordered the earthquake to “stop”. It’s no one but the person who claims to be the “Appointed Son of God,” Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

According to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Church chief, he was drinking coffee in Samal Island, Davao when he ordered the Magnitude 6.6 quake that jolted Tulusan, Cotabato to stop.

“Sabiko, ‘Lindol, huminto ka.’Huminto,” says Quiboloy during the “Give Us This Day” episode on October 30.

“Pasalamat kayo sa akin kasi kung hindikopina-stop ‘yun, maramikayongmagigibadiyan, mamamatay kayo,” he added.

Quiboloy also claims that there are a lot of people who can stand proof of the miraculous deed of stopping the strong quake.

“Hindi kosinabiito ng walang witness ha. May witness, marami, nakapalibotsakin,” he said.

Furthemore, Quiboloy said that he did not mean to divulge his powerful deeds but was left without a choice as other people question his claims of being an “Appointed Son of God”.

Who to blame for the series of quakes in Mindanao that damaged roads and numerous infrastructures? Quiboloy said that it is all because of his bashers. He also compared the destruction to the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah in the bible.

According to these scriptures, God destroyed two cities after the people sinned continuously and refused to give honor to God’s name.

“Bakit binabagyo at nililindol ang Mindanao? Kasi maramingbashers dito,” Quiboloy said. “Tingnan mo ‘yung mga lugar ng bashing, kawawa naman… Ayoko namang mapahamak ang tao pero ang judgment nanggagaling sa Diyos   e,” he added.

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