Customer Slapped A Crew For Not Answering Her Question

This customer slapped a crew for not answering his question. Is it really true that customers are always right? “Customer is always right”.

This is a mantra or slogan we all heard that emphasizes the high quality of service and satisfaction every staff should deliver to customers. One of the most important parts of great customer service is effectively dealing with customer complaints.

However, no matter how polite and respectful you are to customers when they continue to berate you to the point of being violent, it may be time to give them the boot. In the video shared by Brix Villegas Cadiante Official on Facebook, a woman is seen disputing with a crew. On the 3-minute video, the women can be heard shouting after the crew didn’t answer her question.

The customer is asking the name of his co-worker. But after being caught on the busyness, he failed to answer the lady. In response, the customer got angry and shouted at him, to the point of slapping him on the face.

The crew is heard in a calm tone explaining why he didn’t answer the customer. But when she hit him, he started to raise his voice and pointing finger at her. He started defending himself and can be heard saying what’s gives the woman the right to hit him. As of writing, the post earned 10k reactions, 21k shares, and 919k views.

There are a lot of factors we can assume why this customer got angry just simply because she wasn’t answered. We can assume that she’s having a rough day or she’s not in a good mood. Her anger was triggered by the situation and lased out to the crew.

On the other hand, the crew should have an active listening skill to avoid this kind of scenario, effectively explaining the why’s behind the what’s. Let’s be reminded that whether you are a customer or a crew, we are all humans who make mistakes. We should know to understand situations, people, and putting ourselves in their shoes.

See clip below

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Posted by Brix Villegas Cadiante Official on Saturday, November 2, 2019

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