Commuter Humiliates Angkas Driver Who Got Late On Picking Him Up

How far can you go when you get mad? Are you capable of throwing harsh words to your fellow workers just because of a simple mistake?

Jenylyn Hermosa posted a disturbing video of a hospital staff insulting and shouting at an Angkas driver who got late to pick him up.

In the video which was taken in a busy street, a man wearing hospital uniform can be seen shouting on the face of the Angkas driver and later on insulted him, calling the driver ‘bobo’.

The commotion started when the Angkas driver failed to arrive on time, reasoning that there was tight traffic in the area. But the commuter refuses to accept the reasoning of the driver, claiming that it is impossible to get stuck on traffic in that area.

It can also be seen in the video how he shouted face-to-face with the diver who acted more professional than the hospital staff. The driver just stayed there, accepted all the insult which was thrown on his face for being late.

The Facebook user couldn’t help but get pity for the Angkas driver as he was embarrassed in front of many people. No matter the reason, you must never treat something like this. Handle things appropriately and everything will eventually fall to the right place.

Grabe sir..nalate lng angkas driverr ganyan n Ang ginawa u s angkas driver pinag mumura u p…???????

Posted by Jenylyn Hermosa on Thursday, December 5, 2019

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