Emotional Moment Captured On Cam As Son Gives Christmas Gift To His Mother

Christmas just came by. You got your share of presents and gave some to your loved ones too. The most priceless gift you can ever receive is the appreciation of the people you gifted with.

In a viral video that was supposed to be a prank, a man can be seen hugging his mother over a gift. Facebook user Uncle Jeff Laurenio is the man in the video, surprising his mother who is busy preparing for Noche Buena.

The viral post has a caption: “Yung ipaprank mo sana si MAMA, pero ganito ang nangyari. PS: Merry Christmas Mama, first time komakaramdam ng ganitong yakap mula sa Mama. Sobrang Mahal na Mahal Kita. Thankful ako kasi meron akong ikaw.”

Jeff will be surprising his mother a gift for Christmas. He set up a camera to capture the moment but he never thought that it will turn out to be this emotional.

As his mother enters their house, Jeff gave a gift but his mother doubted that it is time to open it since it is not yet Christmas. Soon, she decided to open it expecting to see some money inside.

Without failing her expectation, Jeff gave his mother a wallet with money inside it. She was totally grateful to Jeff for his gift and even shed some tears over it.

Jeff, in return, hugged his mother and also cried as they share such a precious moment. He is thankful to his mother who sacrificed a lot for them.

See the emotional video below

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