Kilig Moment: Young Boy Kneels In Front Of Young Girl To Profess His Love, Everyone Cheered For Them

Childhood sweethearts? Netizens had a good laugh (as with the people at the party) after seeing this ‘kilig’ moment between a young boy and a young girl at a year-end party.

These two kids gave a good laugh to the people around them over some stint thought to be done only by adults. It’s not yet Valentine’s Day but they turned their year-end party like it.

In the video which was posted by KivenGilbero, a young boy slowly walks towards a pretty girl who was sitting on a chair. As he draws slowing towards her, he started to kneel and gave her a ring as though professing love to the beautiful girl.

Everyone in the party had a good laugh when the two seated next to each other, smiling shyly as the crowd burst into laughter.

But then, it seems like Baby Mason and Baby Afi will have to take it slow as they should wait for the right time to get into a relationship.

Nonetheless, the video was just one of the funny moments that can happen during Christmas parties or year-end party.

But nothing’s impossible! Who knows, they will find themselves on each other’s arms when they grow up.

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Uuhhhhh ka sweet ?? (Baby Mason and Baby Afi) Year end Party ???Merry Christmas ????

Posted by Kiven Gilbero on Monday, December 16, 2019

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